Battlefield 1

I know this is a video game but I got to thinking I’m about Everything Fairy Tales and if you have ever had the opportunity to play this game for any reason, we all agree on a few major points: First being the graphics are really nice and on point, note of course the better your t.v. the slightly better visuals you will get that’s a fact if your playing on a small computer size t.v. screen you are missing out and its so different. The history buffs that play the game have told me that its pretty much almost accurate, little flaws being the flame trooper kit was highly unstable, the machine gunners were only one in every couple hundred soldiers not everyone had a machine gun. and the blimp you see one the map is actually a Zeppelin known in the game as a behemoth. Minor differences but it still got an A overall from history nerds. Lastly the gamers love the bullet drop and realistic gameplay and if you take it a step further you can enjoy a bit of history and action together in their awesome story mode that gives you the feels in the reenactment of actual events of certain soldiers that did live during the war. Some stories are so shocking it will water your eyes or fluster your heart a bit that so many men had such lives.

From 1-10 stars battlefield 1 gets a solid 9.5 because it grabs your attention with the gameplay no doubt and there are over 5 game modes to choose from with awesome graphics and sounds. Character growth is solid if we are strictly talking about the story mode for each soldiers and how they got to become that hero in history. The mixture of the story mode and the gameplay is really fun to experience. What keeps it from getting that perfect score is the fact it requires some updates. The horse riders are extremely powerful and can withstand over 15 bullets of an Hellriegel. When you kill an enemy in any multiplayer mode his squad still has a chance to spawn on that dead corpse when it should freeze and the sudden spawn kills you instantaneously because they can take a few extra bullets from the spawn. The reason these negatives don’t hurt battlefield 1 that badly is because they are things that the game company can fixe over time with new updates and literally fix anything they want. The ability to do updates is a major plus because you can’t do that in a movie. Record your best clips and get out there cause it’s time for the battlefield! For more gaming clips visit my Instagram page: “1life2rule” like and follow and as always this review was brought to you by Fairytailpirates where Everything is Fairytales.


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