Passengers: Released too early

Everything is going well in mankind’s first trip to a new earth that will take over a 100 years to get there. So how do the passengers and crew survive the long trip? The simple answer is hibernation a high-tech serum that doesn’t make you age and keeps you asleep like in the 2009 film Avatar. Space being space and all its randomness hurls some meteorites its way and hits the engine room perfectly causing a short circuit in a pod that awakens James Preston played by funny actor Chris Pratt. Spending a little more than a year trying to go back to sleep in his pod, he gets lonely and basically looses his mind and tires of being alone and decides to awaken a woman, not just any woman a fine looking woman Aurora Lane played by actress Jennifer Lawrence. He forgets to tell her that he woke her up on purpose making her think that she woke up like him, on accident. When the truth is revealed he does the dumbest thing. In trying to win her heart back he plants a tree, yes a grown adult tree, not a sapling but an 8 foot tree. He pulls the metal ground apart and plants a tree with soil, dirt water the whole works. Last I checked dirt water and plant life inside electronics breaks things and is not smart, but ok Awww how sweet the gesture right? Wrong! Shortly after the Captain wakes up and asks who in the hell planted a tree on his ship lol. They find the source of the spaceships malfunctions and James has to open a door from outside of the ship and gets blown away with cold space freezing his face off. I paused for a second and said no they are not going to kill this guy off with ice like they did with Leonardo Decaprio in the 1997 film Titanic. Interestingly enough the end of the movie was not surprising or gave the viewer any satisfaction and here’s why: Like I said earlier dirt water and plants jack up anything that runs on electricity or power of some sort. The moral of the story is that this space ship is indestructible and nothing from pouring water and filling its electrical system with dirt and plants and even meteorites smashing through its power grid cannot stop technology lol and the spaceship continues to soldier on through space.

Spoiler alert those who woke up never went back to sleep or had children despite not having 80 years worth of contraceptives aboard the spaceship. Personally I wasn’t in it for the love story, I was only watching it for the survival scenario. How far will one man go to survive a sucky situation? I was very interested in putting myself in James place and wondering what I would do. The graphics were ok at best for all of the technology we have today I was very disappointed. The story flow was kind of slow but the point of survival was always at the forefront of your mind. I did not see much character growth from anyone because they were already adults and pretty much stuck in their ways and their hardships were bad but they were not horrible like Huh glass a survivor during the 19th century left for dead after an expedition. The only reason that made it watchable was Chris Pratt’s funny reactions to sucky situations like Deadpool. So how did you feel about James waking up Aurora on purpose? What if he woke her up and she was a Lesbian, cause lets face it he woke her up because he wanted to have sex with her. He could have woken up a man but he didn’t. What if the genders were reversed and a woman was woken up first would she wake up a man or a woman? Or would she live on by her lonesome? Well before this ship goes of course, the verdict is in. This movie gets a solid 6 out of 10 stars. It could have done way better on graphics, dialogue and the humor was only funny because everything was so serious and when things are so serious the dumbest thing will make you laugh by default. Was it a comedy? by no means. what about a love story? its half love and a survival story so the type of movie is unclear which makes the purpose and main theme of the story unclear. The acting skills were fine but set that aside and this movie was not all that and a bag of chips. Thanks for your support on Fairytailpirates, Where Everything is Fairy Tales!


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