Pitch Black

One Movie that doesn’t get enough attention is Pitch Black. The first time I watched this was on the Sci-Fi channel. I thought it was going to be lame until I recognized one of the actors Vin Diesel! I was like what’s up with his glowing eyes and his the goggles? So, immediately I was hooked because of the unique situation it presented itself right at the beginning. A transport spaceship begins to crash land on a dessert planet and a few manage to survive the emergency landing. The main character Riddick played by Vin Diesel is the most wanted criminal in every galaxy and prisons are paying top dollar to put him in their cells or bring them his head. Johns played by Cole Hauser is pretending to be some space sheriff trying to turn Riddick in, but he turns out to be a bounty hunter addicted to morphine just trying to get the biggest pay day of his life. In search for water they notice there are three suns surrounding the planet. With no spaceship the situation looks hopeless. It is so compelling to watch because its like a bad joke you would hear at a bar, so 9 people getting stranded on a planet, a rich guy, a bounty hunter, three Muslims, a pilot, a little boy, an engineer, and the galaxies most wanted criminal on the loose who survives? Let’s not forget a month long eclipse is happening and the search for water stops because everything goes dark and tons of monsters come out to feed. The monsters are simplistic but convincing. They look like some sort of pterodactyl hybrid that are attracted to blood. Riddick has the best advantage out of everyone because when the lights go out his glowing eyes can see in the dark, how cool is that! With everyone trying to get on an emergency ship people are dying left and right. At the end, three survivors fly out into space safe for now. You get the satisfaction that hey, at least someone survived a win for humanity right? Most people are already afraid of the dark, so if your looking for a good scare watch this movie at night with no lights and the sound on volume 40. You will get the feeling like your really there on this dark planet, trying to get away from the monsters. The graphics for being released in 2000 were done very well. The acting was great and the story progressed rapidly, it was not slow at all and it keeps you in suspense especially when all the lights go out. Sucks for you when your flames get snuffed out but which one of your favorite characters die? Would you survive on this planet long enough to escape? Pitch Black gets a solid 9 out of 10 because the music was epic, the story and acting were on par with the all the action and the monsters were scary. Vin Diesel is actually full of jokes in this movie which was cool to see. This movie lays a good foundation for the rest of the movies in a series called the Chronicles of Riddick. I loved this throwback movie it was fun to watch. Follow me on Fairytail Pirates, where everything is Fairy Tales!


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