Stranger things have happened

Doctor Strange is living his life to the fullest until he survives a crazy crash and wakes up to nerve damage in his hands. He ends up finding a bald lady known as the ancient one to help him recover 100%. His ordeal to recovery back to his old life begins. At this point these jokers are fighting with their souls, bending buildings and dimensions just completely blowing your mind. The animations and visuals were no doubt amazing and beautiful kaleidoscope graphics. The knowledge of the unknown kept the attention of everyone watching in the theatre. The main character was super relatable to many people because he had everything and lost it all, and many know what its like to lose something. The story flow was easy to follow along and understand with no prior knowledge about this marvel story. The red cape that Dr. Strange wears is alive =) like the magic carpet in Aladdin and has its own personality which was pretty cool. The movie was not slow or extremely fast, it had a nice pace to it and kept your curiosity about how much power Dr. Strange could attain. As always with the Marvel Franchise if you wait a minute or two after some of the credits roll by, you will see two special scenes that hint to up coming movies in the franchise. The movie was enjoyable with just the right of humor. I rate this Fairy Tale a perfect 10 out of 10 stars, because it was well executed with the right balance of action and humor and acting was on point and seemed natural. Dr. Strange was very easy to follow along and give you a sense of wonder. Can’t wait to see what this time master has up his sleeves next. This review was brought to you by Fairytail Pirates, where everything is Fairy Tales!


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