Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children

This movie is nothing short of a Fairy Tale and will become a classic by this January 2017 for sure. It is not full of action that will blow your mind away  because it is kid friendly. Some powers are familiar, but there are others in the movie that are interesting to see. Unfortunately you are not able to see the full potential of every characters special abilities. For Example, the girl that is lighter than air can be seen to produce enough air to clear out a room in a sunken ship. So there are limitations, but it does not show the different forms air can take and how to use them in battle or help you defend Miss Peregrine’s home from the monsters. For the first hour it seems as if the main character a boy from Florida, Jacob has no powers or special abilities. The audience is held in suspense to see what magic or ability he may possess. Turns out he is the only one who can see the monsters known as hollows. Not really amazing, but it must be handy nonetheless if that’s all you had I would use it too. It is funny how there is always good and evil in fairy tales, but then I guess you wouldn’t really have a need for a knight or a hero without the villain or bad guy. Miss Peregrines home is more of a foster home and was nice to see someone take care of children who are not her own. One does not need to be related by blood to be family and that was clearly portrayed in the film. Miss Peregrine can make a time loop only a certain distance and only for the last 24hrs. She can turn into a falcon and is known as an Ymbryne who are all females. The first Ymbryne I remember seeing in a movie was in Spirited Away check it out its another great Fairy Tale.

The movie gets a friendly 8 out of 10 and here’s why. The animations were kid friendly no problems there. Telling the story had some issues, because it seemed as if it tried to confuse you in what was going to happen next and forgot to tell you what the movie was about. Not knowing what’s going to happen next is a good thing, but not for a movie that is about things most people are not familiar with.For instance, I was wondering if there were going to be tons of new monsters added, more time loops, and abilities that were more complex. They made it seem as if the hollows were invincible. Why were the hollows not stopped by other children with special abilities? This batch of children did not have the most helpful abilities and still managed to defend themselves which was kind of hard to grasp after they explained how powerful the hollows were. I think there was an imbalance on the explanation of powers and abilities for the monsters and children which made the thinking process difficult to imagine. The Kid that had bees living inside him was interesting, but how does one comprehend that, the closest thing I could imagine was Shino Aburame from Naruto who is from a clan that uses destructive insects to use their bodies as hives. There should have been more time devoted to explaining the abilities and watching the children grow and hone their skills to better to see how they could use their powers to fight the hollows more easily. The kid that was a projector had a ability if honed and trained more carefully could have been way more useful in the story. And it was sad to see the girl with the ability of fire not used well at all. American stories don’t really like portraying hero’s with fire abilities or at least not very good at it, such as in fantastic four and x-men. It seems only Japan knows how to use fire like One Piece characters the infamous Ace, Luffy and Sabo each have the ability to use fire to the max and we get to see how much power fire really does have. The Ability of fire is ranked to be one of the top most powerful abilities in Fairy Tales, unfortunately she is only good for turning on fireplaces. I would have loved to see her powers produce flames larger than flamethrowers, because the children are 60 years older than Jacob, which is a lot of time to train and make your powers stronger instead of growing 8 foot carrots for dinner knowing the dangers of the monsters out there trying to kill them. The movie did catch my attention only because I was waiting to see all the peculiar abilities. I believe the movie took to long focusing on Jacob trying to understand his ability, to me he did not face enormous trials every second to be getting that much screen time. The movie said peculiar children and should have focused on them a lot more. But over all it was really fascinating to see unusual powers we are not used to seeing in movies so I thought that was cool. This movie would have done way better if released on Halloween weekend because it showed a plate of eyeballs and the hollows eating them, skeletons from a sunken ship coming back to life battling by the children’s side. Trust me there is a lot more to tell but, I say this movie is worth the watch. This review was brought to you by Fairytail Pirates, where everything is Fairy Tales.


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