Gun slinging action

This movie was a Western Masterpiece for 2016! Indian warriors, horses, Mountain men, guns, tons of ammo, rifles, snipers, explosives, bounty hunter, gamblers, outlaws, even an assassin, all this together was simply amazing! This movie brought a lot of laughs and shocking moments. This story was like no other, it played out so differently than expected which makes it unique. I was loving how every man was a different nationality working together, it brought realism to the viewers, because America is a Nation beautifully diverse of nationalities working together, eating together, going to war together, making friends, and marriages of different ethnicities and it was nice to see this movie bring relatable content to the screen. Just because people can look different on the outside doesn’t mean they can’t have a common purpose. 7 men are brought together because one woman refused to run away from injustice.

The villain greedy for gold causes more trouble than he expected and watching this story unfold had everyone’s full attention. After the movie I heard people say wow that really was good. Alright lets introduce our magnificent seven: #1 The Bounty Hunter played by Denzel Washington was an unrelenting man ready to end injustice and showed great leadership and surprisingly had lots of jokes. #2 The Gambler Chris Pratt showed what someone might really do in some dire situations, he had the best poker face of them all. #3 The outlaw played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is a comedian outlaw who loves a good laugh, but shows his worth in a shoot out seeing who gets the most kills. #4 The Sniper Ethan Hawke gave a great performance, haunted by memories of war and shying away from shooting you might think he is a coward, but rest assured a survivor of war, this sharp shooter is no joke. #5 The Assassin Byung-Hun Lee, his skills will awe you especially during the time of the west, his knife arsenal is spot on and did no cheesy stunts. #6 The Indian Warrior Martin Sensmeier, is a strong lone wolf and getting shot by an arrow never looked so scary by the hands of this archer, all I said was ouch. #7 The Tracker also known during that time as Mountain men, though he may look fluffy he is strong as bull and fights with a wild and free spirit of a bear even knocked down a horse! Now watching these men work together is where the gold happens. The visuals and effects were really good, the shooting, knife throws, arrow hits, explosions everything looked great no complaints.

Now time for its rating, It gets a 10 out of 10 because it did well with grabbing your attention, telling a simple story that didn’t confuse anyone, it kept the plot simple. Watching 7 people who never met, work together for a cause in a matter of a week and some change was award worthy. From the visuals all the way to the acting, everyone brought it and you could tell. Now that’s my review, a simple Fairy Tale of the west, pumped full of good old action with a twist of cowboys and Indians, it was assassins, mountain men snipers and more! This review was brought to you by Fairytail Pirates, where everything is Fairy Tales.



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