Anime is Fairy Tales!

Know anything about Anime? I sure didn’t, but I watched pretty much every Fairy Tale movie out there and was wanting more. Your lie in April is the perfect Anime to start out your new adventure in Fairy Tales! It can be found on Netflix in multiple languages including ,so if your not a fan of subtitles don’t worry. The Fairy tales in Anime are growing rapidly and have genres for both children and adults male and female, its worth your time checking out to see what styles you like. To my surprise this was only 1 season with 22 episodes and was amazing! I have never seen a Fairy tale inspire and challenge your emotions as you watch Arima Kyosei a young piano player who was thought to be a genius by the judges and a child of a star who was sick and dying. The mother dies but is met by a new splash of life another female bursts into his world and takes him by surprise! His soundless, colorless world is thrown into a hurricane made of paint and sound.

There are so many precious memories and dreams that you have inside yourself, that will be pulled to the front of your mind as you are watching this story reveal its beauty of life to you. The funny stick figure people the characters make when they express extreme emotion is hilarious. The animations had flowing colors and if you don’t like classical music, trust me you won’t mind because its not really about that, the music is there as a tool an example that can be applied to any situation. After every episode I found myself wanting to see more. There is friendship, fights and love which I find super important because that really defines who you are to yourself and other people at each stage of love in your life you win some and lose some. You will be finding similarities with these characters as they face big trials. There was no murder or mystery or action and that’s what makes this Fairy Tale amazing because it did not need that to be a masterpiece. Whether your a guy or lady, you will like this because there’s things both can relate too and leave you laughing because it did. I give this Anime 10/10 Here’s why, the story showed character growth and brought past events with the present perfectly. The story was told like someone was living it right in front of you. For only 22 episodes it did great to capture your attention and will bring you to tears or at least have you tearing up because you actually feel something about what’s happening. When a Fairy Tale can make you feel your inner emotions that’s powerful stuff. This is definitely something you can watch while cooking, eating, or relaxing. And when you stop watching it, you will find yourself thinking about it. Trust me it looks like nothing amazing, but when you actually give it a chance you will be utterly amazed at how alive this Fairy Tale is! I am pleased that I was able to watch this, thanks for stopping by, be part of the family and Follow Me Today, where we can enjoy Fairy Tales! This review was brought to you by Fairytail Pirates, where everything is Fairy Tales.


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