Kubo and the two strings

If you love Fairytales you are sure to enjoy this movie, I sure did. It captured my memories from when I was a child growing up and all the joys of imagining and learning about family. The voices were chosen perfectly and matched each character. Not all magic in stories are evil or scary as Americanized television has portrayed it, quit the contrary this movie proves how fun and kid friendly magic can be inside the imagination. We follow a journey of a child who practically has to do everything and at the end of the day cherishes his family. The journey will show it through the lens of a child for the adult audience and how they crave smiles, laughter and love from those closest to them. It was amazing to see a well balanced movie from comedy to drama and lessons anyone can understand.

Kubo gets a 9 out of 10 stars because it was steady in maintaining your attention. The animations were great it was nice to see something different for a change Paper Mache characters and objects, it makes sense because the story has an Asian setting. There was also a fear factor from the bad aunties that could have been toned down a bit and not so creepy lol remember the audience will have children. I love how the movie shows children how to make a story of their own. Our society lives off stories and craves more because we love learning and sitting in class at school is not everyone’s Cup of Tea. Though the movie wasn’t a home run for the action it did grab your attention whether you liked it or not because it had a story to tell and made you want to find out what was going to happen next. Overall it was a great movie to fill your time with if you already seen everything else. Almost forgot super emotional it left you feeling one with the little character Kubo, and when a story does this I believe its a success! This review was brought to you by Fairytail Pirates, where everything is Fairy Tales.


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