Jason Bourne

This Movie leans more on the action side and has slow momentum but when the action hits, it gets you tense and wondering what’s going to happen next. Is this the conclusion finally?  Will Jason Bourne ever get all the answers he is looking for? Of course not because Matt Damon now 45 years old has gone to mars surviving on potatoes only to come back to earth being denied a few answers about who he is, what happened to him and what he should do now, man sucks for him. It was cool to see the bad guy from Oceans twelve although he was not break dancing at all because he was to busy  hunting former spy Jason for some sweet revenge for being tortured for 2 years because Bourne exposed black brier. So he is more than happy to Kill the first prototype spy for the secret government program. The action in this movie was cool, it all looked original and seemed realistic and has you guessing if that’s really possible to do in the real world. If you are looking for comedy though this is not for laughs unless you have a taste for revenge. And if you have ever been worried about Apps and privacy on your cell phones, you will be even more paranoid that someone is watching and listening to you. And what’s up with the Women Agents in the Bourne series going out of their way to betray their agency to help a guy like Bourne lol he is not 007. Why does Jason Bourne not have the same headaches as all the other assets in the Bourne Legacy? Looking for Romance, well you won’t find here. Its more of an action/detective movie. If you have seen the trailer with Jason knocking out a guy in a dessert fight with awesome sound effects it’s sad that they don’t keep those sound effects in the movie because I was expecting the same K.O. from the trailer and instead it was awkwardly silent… No one expects perfection, because life is not perfect so many variables, scenarios, and outcomes so Jason Bourne gets a 8 out of 10 stars because it was too slow I almost fell asleep in the theatre. Sound effects were disappointing, why make an awesome trailer and not keep any of it for the movie? People are drawn to a movie because of trailers and expect to see what they saw, just give the people what they want. Bourne deserves more if not all the answers he is looking for by now, I mean come one Matt Damon is 45 years old now how long do you expect him to play Bourne? The movie was interesting to watch! This review was brought to you by Fairytail Pirates, where everything is Fairy Tales.


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